Data Management: The Key Component that Ensures the Right Results

writeresult delivers a total clinical data capture and management solution beginning with intuitive data collection instruments and ending with clean, verified, and accurate data.

writeresult clients receive timely and clear communications, as well as transparent services and processes. We provide an assurance that we have an understanding of your timelines and budgets. As a trusted member of your team, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and are fully accountable to ensure your success.

writeresult dedicates a Project Manager to your study to work with your study team, and designs a detailed Data Management Plan (DMP) to guide the process for your project from data collection through data transfer specifications. This transparent, thoroughly planned approach to data management mitigates risks and lays out a strategy to manage issues as they arise.  Our experience shows that following this process significantly enhances the execution of the ePRO portion of the study..

For every project, digitally enhanced forms are designed based on your specifications or created from your existing PRO instrument.  In parallel, a database is designed, created and fully tested to meet your project specifications.

The digital pen enabled by Anoto® Digital Pen and Paper Technology captures the patients' handwritten data from the forms and transfers them into a data management repository and form image library.

The writeresult data management process continuously verifies and cleans your clinical data. All verified clinical trial data are passed through edit checks and reconciled with the other Sponsor trial data sources.

Data Management Process

how it works